Lucky Braids Shampoo

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Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo is the choice of equestrians committed to excellence, including the Budweiser Team Horses, Amanda Steege and US Team riders such as: Molly Ashe Cawley, Peter Wylde, Kim Price, Dottie Morkis, etc.
Lucky Braids All-In-One horse Shampoo does it all for manes, tails and all coat colors:
- Treat & Prevent Skin Problems- Tail Rubbing, Rainrot, Scratches, Fungus, Scurf, Mud Fever, Dander, Crud, Hair Loss, Sheath & teat cleaning, etc.
- Beautify Manes & Tails- Conditions (even fake tails), Strengthens, Volumizes, Detangles (comb tails wet)
- Clean & Healthy Coats- Enrich color, Resist stains, Shine big, Rinse fast, Even greys & whites glisten!
- Deter Bugs
- Clip & Braid- Blades last longer, Bumps are averted, Coats clip out smooth and shiny, Coarse hair braids up beautifully
- Highly Concentrated- A little goes a long way! Plus, you can enjoy fewer baths.
- Great for Dogs too!

Size: 32 oz