Gallagher's Water - Individual Serving Packet

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Gallagher’s Water is the patented, original, all-natural equine hydration beverage. In a nutshell, it is a natural flavor enhancement powder mix - with electrolytes and trace minerals - designed to encourage horses to drink water. There are times when you need to quickly get fluids into your horse, and Gallagher’s Water helps make that task easier. With its alfalfa flavor, most horses are eager to try it. Once accustomed to it (or immediately, depending on the pickiness of your horse!), they eagerly drink up the contents of the bucket. Easily transported in single-serving packets, you can offer your horses a drink they enjoy virtually anywhere. And yes, it’s competition safe!
When can you use Gallagher’s Water?
- Before and after exercise or competition
- Before. during, and after travel
- When a horse presents signs of mild colic
- Hot weather conditions
- Cold weather conditions
- Seasonal weather changes
- Foaling mares
- As a treat
- Any time you need to get more fluids in your horse!

Size: 1 Individual 2.96 oz (84g) Serving Packet