Fungosol Shampoo

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Gentle formula helps treat pesky skin conditions fast!
Helps treat pesky horse skin conditions fast! Great for use on rain rot, girth itch, scratches, ringworm, wound bacteria and more. Also soothes and treats tail itch. Helps prevent reoccurrence with powerful antimicrobial germ fighters. Gentle, calming tea tree formula contains Biopolysan, a botanical-based antimicrobial, lauric acid derived from coconut oil, that kills and inhibits a wide range of microbes.
Fighting skin conditions is as easy as 1-2-3!
Step 1: Shampoo cleans, washes and removes debris.
Step 2: Spray (sold separately) treats and quickly combats bacteria.
Step 3: Ointment (sold separately) protects and forms a layer of healing.